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5 days old 
Money as a 3 year old

3 weeks old
Makin Money Honor 
2009 black turning grey filly. Makin's got a great personality.  Very friendly and loves water, being sprayed with the hose when it's hot. Easy to work with and very smart.  


Congratulations to Beverly Weekly on her purchase of this filly!
Makin Money Honor upper right in one of her first rides.                  Being ridden by Lance Broesche, Somerville, TX

In a recent email from Beverly she says:  Yes, that's my fav (picture) as well. I would be very proud to have that pic on your site.  I'm glad you got to see her and know that she is taken care of.  I do so hope you can hold on to the little brother.  I truly believe you will be more than pleased.  I know we are with Makin.  She is very smart, and judging by watching her run and play I have no doubt of her athletic ability.  She's also a hunk.  I don't think the pictures show just how much of a hunk she really is.  Her mental maturity has come much earlier than I expected too.  I also like that she loves people, likes to be messed with, but not a pest.  We had saddled her a couple of times before she left and she was not a bit concerned with any part of that.  Honestly, there is nothing we do not like about her or would change.


2011 filly Born May 3